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Marine fisheries Kenya is categorized into two sub sectors the coastal artisanal fishery and an Exclusive Economic Zone fishery.

The Coastal fish production is characterized by artisanal fishers, with small vessels propelled by wind sails and manual peddles targeting mainly Molluscs, Crustaceans, Rock cod, Bech-der-mer, Dry Shark fins, Marine shells, Livers and Roes, Live Fish, other sea products while the EEZ is characterized by Distant Water Fishing vessels (purse seining, long-lining) targeting the Tuna and tuna-likes. A ring-net fishery is also developing, which is now exploiting up to 20 of the possible 200 nautical miles EEZ.

Kenya's EEZ lies within the richest tuna belt of the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO), owing to its geographical location and proximity within the upwelling region of this part of the Indian Ocean. However exploitation of this rich resource by the Kenyan has been hampered by infrastructural limitations and appropriate fishing equipment and vessels.

AFIPEK members mainly target products from the coastal artisanal fishers with only one factory processing tuna loins. Due to the mode of harvesting of the coastal fishery the products are prime catch with our members posting very high quality products in the markets. This sub-sector contributes six percent to the export markets as large quantities of the fishes are consumed locally.

Marine Products

The Products from the marine sector include: Big eye, Cuttle fish, Fish oil, Lobsters, Octopus, Prawns, Shark fins, Sharks, Sword fish, Tuna loins Canned tuna. These are prime products targeting both the domestic and export markets.