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Mission & Objectives

The Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association (AFIPEK) was established in 2000, its initial purpose was to Coordinate the Harmonization of the Safety and Quality standards in all member factories involved in Harvesting, Processing, Packaging and Exporting fish in Kenya and Promote the Marketing of Kenya Fishery Products. Since then, both the industry and the association have changed dramatically and as today the focal point of the association is Sustainability of the fisheries.

Members of AFIPEK continue to be the main fish exporters from the country with up to 95% of all the fish exports from the country emanating from this group. There has also been a strong industry consolidation trend - with a smaller number of larger, vertically integrated and more efficient companies.

AFIPEK is a forum for Communication and Cooperation within the fisheries sector, and the focal point for liaison between the industry and government. The association works to provide information to its members on issues ranging from Sustainability, Safety, Trade and also Coordinate industry-wide activities such as the Self - Regulation on Lake Victoria and various committees and community events

AFIPEK ensures the international competitiveness of the Kenyan fresh water and Marine fish industry through:

• Effective Representation of Industry issues
• Building a Positive Image of the Kenyan Fish Industry
• Provision of Services to meet the Needs of our members

The association works to advance a number of industry objectives:

• To Maintain and Protect Kenya's High-quality fresh water and Marine environment.
• To Produce Wholesome, Superb Canned Tuna and Tuna loins, Nile perch, Octopus, Lobster, Prawns & other
fin fishes.
• Nile perch and other threatened freshwater and Marine stocks Sustainably exploited
• Effective Quality Assurance and Safety of Fish & Seafood products at all levels
• Improved international Trade and Market Competitiveness of Freshwater & Seafood Products
• Effective Information, Communication and Public relations systems established and operational

The AFIPEK Mission Statement:

"AFIPEK is the voice of the Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters, providing a professional focus for the sector. It promotes and protects the interests and views of its members to Government and the general public, also assists its membership in the continuing development of their business.

Through active Representation and Advocacy, Development of Relevant Industry Linkages and Delivery of Membership Services, AFIPEK will Empower, Promote and Protects its membership, achieving a unified voice within the fishing industry".