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Food Safety & Quality

Fish Packing
Good Handling of fish products by well trained
staff in all the AFIPEK member fish industries.

The Fish industries in Kenya have

consistently improved to effectively access and compete in the domestic and international markets.

As at today the AFIPEK member factories who process and export fish meet international requirements for safety and quality management (GHP/HACCP, quality management, clean technology principles).

The quality of our fish product is excellent assuring Safety, Gastronomic delights,Purity,
Nutrition, Consistency, Honesty (e.g. in labelling), Value and Product excellence to the consumer.

Ms. Maryanna - W.E.Tilley
(M) Ltd (QA) . The indus-
tries have excellent trained
Quality Assurance staff

AFIPEK also works closely with the support institutions mainly the Competent Authority (CA) of Fish and Fish products - the Ministry of Fisheries to ensure our members products meet the highest standards for quality and freshness.

The CA carries out 4 different types of inspections in our member factories to ensure full compliance safety. These are the Routine Inspections done at least once a month in each premise, National Inspections conducted once a year, Verification Inspections conducted after the National Inspections to assess the level of compliance to the recommendations given during the National inspection and Spot check Inspections which are adhoc and are carried out at any time without prior warning.

The CA is also charged with the issuance of Fish Export Permits and the Issuance of Fish and Fishery Products Export Health Certificate.