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AFIPEK Structure

An elected Board of Directors drawn from the members comprising of the following structure: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer, and Committee members head the organization. The day to day administrative duties are carried out by employed Association's staffs at the AFIPEK Secretariat who are committed to helping its membership achieve their goals.

Board of Directors:

  1. Mr. John G. Msafari
  2. Mr. Pals Wagenaar - Vice-Chairman Lake Victoria Division
  3. All Marine Fish Processors
  4. All Lake Victoria Processors

Committee Members:

  1. Mr. Karim Kurji
  2. Mr. Jahangir Tejani
  3. Ms Munira Gilani
  4. Mr. Zul Jessa
  5. Mr. Nadir Jessa

AFIPEK Financial Information

This is the Professional Association of the Fisheries industry in Kenya. It was established in the year 2000 under the Companies Act (CAP. 486) and it is limited by guarantee. The Association activities are fully funded through members' Quarterly Subscriptions. however from time to time we also receive grants to assist with specific activities. All Fish Processors and Exporters of Kenya are mandated to be its members.

For more information about membership Please contact the AFIPEK office.