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Our Commitment to SustainabilityFish control

We believe that a sustainable organization seeks to participate within its community to balance Economy, Society and Environment within its operations.
By seeking balance, we believe an organization will be better able to take into account the needs of future generations and will be a better steward of natural and economic resources.
We believe that Fresh water and Coastal economies, such as ours, must protect and nurture their ecological roots to support long term growth.

In line with this Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association (AFIPEK) members are working hand in hand to achieve Sustainable Management of the Nile perch resources through processing of recommended fish sizes. This is expected to assist in stabilizing the Nile perch fishery and processing industry and lead to exploitation of market niches and other opportunities.

To achieve this objective AFIPEK is undertaking a Self-Monitoring exercise to ensure her members process fish of above 50cm. the activity is being undertaken by a committed Monitoring and Surveillance team with clear sanctions on breach on defaulters.
The Self- Monitoring exercise is fully funded by AFIPEK members however the initial seed money to set up this activity was provided under the Kenya BDS Program, a USAID-funded program managed by the Emerging Markets Group.

The Self-Monitoring exercise has expanded regionally to ensure sustainability since the L.Victoria resources are shared. Each country Kenya (AFIPEK), Uganda (UFPEA) and Tanzania (TIFPA) associations nominate one inspector into this team thorugh the Regional association East African Industrial Fishing and Fish Processors Association (EAIFFPEA).