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Value for Members
The Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association proudly promotes Delicious and Healthy Kenya fish and fish Products and represents the interests of its member companies. AFIPEK communication focuses on fisheries Sustainability issues, Building member's linkages, Developing outreach and Promoting awareness. This enormous task involves initiating, supporting and facilitating intra-industry, industry/government, national and international relations. The association acts as a collective voice for responding to issues and plays a proactive role in defining the environmental sustainability of the fisheriesFish cleaning

Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association Builds member linkages through:

Develops Outreach Via:

Promotes Awareness Through:

Ensures Industry Sustainability by:

Why Become a Member?
By becoming an AFIPEK member, your company is supporting the efforts and initiatives of the association thereby ensuring a strong and healthy voice and future for Kenya Fish processors & Exporters Association and your company's product or service. Be heard, become a member!

Value for Your Membership
In addition to the above initiatives, representation and promotion, you will receive:

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