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In the year 2000, eighteen fish processors through the country from Nyanza province, Nairobi province and coast province realized that the nation's rich fish legacy and conservation would only survive if they stood together-one voice for fish. The Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association (AFIPEK) was therefore birthed as the professional Association of the fisheries industry in Kenya. It was registered in the same year under the Companies Act (CAP. 486) and limited by guarantee.

Today, more than 8 years later the association of fish processors still stands as the only active, established organization devoting its entire efforts toward the professional, ethical and social aspects of supporting the large scale industrial fish processors with its core functions being inter-member coordination, conservation and management.

The Association knows that long-term conservation success requires the active involvement of all stakeholders and therefore places emphasis on the success of collaborative efforts and where necessary drawing on available science and research to guide its programs. The Association activities are fully funded through members.

Our core Mandate

AFIPEK's mandate is to foster public recognition and support for the sector, to promote high quality fish and fish products and to advocate for the effective management of Inland and marine fish resources. Towards this end the Association works closely with relevant stakeholders